Frequently Asked Questions

How many releases of the LSST software do you plan to keep available online?

Our current policy is to keep online all the stable releases and at least the latest 12 weekly releases officially issued by the LSST project.

Even if older than 12 weeks, specific weekly releases identified by the community as necessary for reproducibility purposes are also kept online. We call them pinned releases. The list of pinned weekly releases can be found here.


Please be aware that non-pinned, old weekly releases will be removed without notice. You are therefore encouraged to use a recent weekly release at any time or to stick to a stable release, if you don’t need the latest features of the pipelines.

If you are using a weekly release that you would need to be pinned for it to be kept online for longer than our policy default lifetime, please let us know via this issue.

How can I learn more about CernVM-FS?

You can refer to the CernVM File System project home page and to the official CernVM-FS documentation.

How many copies of this software repository do you maintain?

There are copies of this software repository at several geographically distributed locations around the world. You can monitor its replication status at CERN’ CernVM-FS repository monitor.

Where can I get help on using the LSST Science Pipelines?

The best places to get help about the LSST software are the official documentation and via the LSST Community forum.